Check, Check, Check…

24 Aug

Um, are any of my lovely girlfriends tired of me discussing wedding plans? Eek! I hope not.

My mom and I visited for over an hour today with a lovely florist at Griffen’s Flowers in Hannibal MO. Now, many people will probably think I’m crazy (including my in-laws) for chosing a florist two hours away from the venue, but I really trust these people. That’s where we always got prom flowers and they were goregous. My senior prom, we used white roses and they dyed the tips of the blue for me and it was SO COOL. So, in essence, I just really like these people.

We chose a really nice antique looking bridal bouquet for me with red rananculus, ivory roses, astermeria, and some really awesome berries and greenery, to give it that fall touch. The greenery has these shimmery looking white flowers growing from it that will accent my dress really well.

The lovely bridesmaids will be holding miniature ivory lillies and some creme-colored astermeria. I wanted the creme colors to offset the red dresses.

For the boutenieres, the boys will have red ostermeria. Jim’s will have a little touch of the white flower greenery that my bouquet will have.

I know this probably all sounds like Greek without any visual aids, but I did not take pictures. It shall be a surprise!

Let me just say, my mom and I came out of there beaming because we were really excited. Lol, we’re still beaming because we haven’t received the bill yet!

We also did some other shopping today, and I got some bridesmaids gifts! Yay! Another check off my list. So, girls, I have your jewelry for that day, so don’t worry about that (including nickel-free for the lovely Jess’ca).

It’s very exciting to think that I have all the big things figured out! Woot!

Looking for the flowers today really did help my mom forget about her thyroid pain stuff. She’s doing really well, actually. The doctor told her that she’d be bruised really badly, but there’s no bruising at all. It looks completely normal. Really, I’m more worried about her nerves than anything. She finds out her test results (from the extracted cells) on Thursday. That’s a long time to wait to figure out whether or not you have thyroid cancer or not.

But, considering, she’s doing pretty good.

So, next things on the list are as follows:

1. Figuring out Jess’s bridesmaid dress

2. Filling out photography paperwork

3. Getting a price estimate from our DJ.


2 Responses to “Check, Check, Check…”

  1. Marla August 24, 2008 at 9:42 am #

    I’m excited about your flowers, Molly! Can’t wait to see them!

    And yay! No jewelry worries! Thank you!

    I’m so glad your mom is feeling better, too. That really makes me feel good. I hope her nerves relax.

    My grandma always gives me this one bit of advice that I can never seem to take: Worrying doesn’t make things any better.

    It’s so true, yet so hard to execute.

  2. jenthesweetbuns August 25, 2008 at 4:40 am #

    I love flowers!!!!

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