Daunted by the Make-Up Aisle

17 Oct

Last night, I went to Target to get Ashley Marting’s wedding gift. I don’t believe they were registred anywhere and I have no idea what any of the color schemes were so that made it difficult. At first, I thought about getting them an eclectic looking lamp. Everyone can use a lamp, right? Well, the lamps where either clear, white, black, or brown. I could not decide which lamp looked like them. Plus they were pretty expensive. And if you get a lamp, then you have to get a matching shade, etc. Then lightbulbs.

I scratched that idea. Then I thought, bed pillows, everyone needs those! I had them in my cart for ten minutes and then I took them out because bed pillows are a boring, though handy gift.  I knew I could do better.

I had bought a friend this really cool grocery list that magnetizes to the cart and so I went to the Real Simple section and I couldn’t find the same grocery list. There was a grocery list there but the magnets were not the caliber I was looking for. I’d just bought a new address book that has these really cool labels that you put over people’s names if they move or change address, so I decided on that. I know it’s boring, but useful and funner than pillows.

I also went down the makeup aisle because I had recently told Jen that I need to restock my makeup, esp for the wedding. I found the stuff that she recommended, but I was completely overwhelmed. There were mineral veils and mineral powders of every single type – some were organic, some were not. I couldn’t believe it. I stood there agape, completely confused. If I get a veil, I need other power, but I couldn’t find anything that just said foundation and then I wasn’t sure about bronzer! It was so complicated. I need help!!

I did walk out with some mega extend mascara, (waterproof) which I’m really excited about, though.


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