Nos reunimos con nuestro sacerdote de esta noche.

24 Oct

That’s Spanish for “We met with our priest tonight.” I thought I’d shake things up.

Things went really well. He told us that we may or may not have a mass. I told him why it made me nervous and my trepidations. He didn’t really put pressure on me to have one or not. So, I’m probably going to choose against it.

He also cleared up some unclear terms for me, such as “Giving flowers to Mary.” I had no idea what that meant. It actually means giving flowers to the mothers. (It connects to the Jesus turning water into wine at a friend’s wedding – His first miracle. The person asked Mary to ask Jesus if he would help them, which I thought was cool).

It turns out Father Vogt lives in a refurbished hotel from the 1920s that SLU bought in the seventies. He lives in a dormitory style with Domincan priests (young men in white robes) and other Jesuits (teaching priests). It’s very interesting. A lot of very quiet men walking around – the robes are sort of shocking, but Father Vogt was dressed in Birkenstocks and socks. I’ve never seen him quote “in uniform.”

The coolest part about our priest…he’s been an illegal alien…in Mexico.

The coolest part about where they live was the top floor. You can get to the roof of their building and they have the most amazing view of St. Louis city I’ve ever seen. There was every color reflected in the city against a backdrop of purple sky. The clouds were just starting to part from such a rainy day. The Arch was to the left and there were so many pretty white buildings around us. St. Louis is such a nice place. I’m so glad it’s not loaded with skyscrapers. I’m so glad we can still see the sky.


2 Responses to “Nos reunimos con nuestro sacerdote de esta noche.”

  1. jenthesweetbuns October 24, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    I’m so glad you’re leaning towards against the mass part. It gets LONG.

  2. Marla October 24, 2008 at 3:16 pm #

    I’m glad that you aren’t feeling forced to have the mass. I know that was bugging you.

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