Walking After You

28 Oct

Well, I think I finally have compiled a list of music for the wedding reception. It’s a long one, but it will allow our DJs to do a little picking and choosing. There’s definitely a classic rock theme. But of course, we have some crazy rap songs and slow songs in there too for everyone.

We had to turn the furnace today. Jim was a responsible adult and he bought a carbon monoxide detector for us. What an awesome dude. I love that guy.

Let me just warn you, Marla. It’s cold. Prepare thyself. It is going to get down to 30 tonight. You may want to pack yourself in ice for a few days so your body is not in shock when you get here.

I wore my new mineral makeup today and I LOVE it. Jen, you’re a complete and utter lifesaver. I felt like a hottie all day. I’m also being a very good girl and washing my face twice a day. 😉

My brother in law has to have surgery on Thursday. He ruptured his Achilles heel last night playing basketball. His surgery will be here in St. Louis and they’re hoping that it’s outpatient surgery so they can take him back home. I can’t imagine. He has to keep his foot above his nose for three whole days. I don’t know how they can necessarily string him up like that at home. We’ll see. I may take some time off on Thursday to go and be with my sister.

My mom has a doctor’s appt tomorrow with an endocrinoligist regarding her thyroid stuff. She may have to have two cysts drained tomorrow and tested. She’s extremely nervous about it and I told her to be thankful. That she is lucky. Worrying gets us nowhere but high blood pressure.

I had to have a talk with a co-worker today about work performance. I was extremely nervous about it because I had to give her constructive criticism. I waited until the end of the day to talk to her because I didn’t want the rest of the day to be awkward. I had to tell her to make the most of her time while she was at the office and to come to work prepared since she only works ten hours a week. That was my first sort of managerial criticism to dish out. Her face sort of turned red when I said those things, but I think it was more surprise that I was bringing it up rather than anger. She talked about how she could make it better and I think we worked out some solutions. All in all – a positive experience.

Look at the stars and be happy. Life is too beautiful to miss.


One Response to “Walking After You”

  1. Marla October 28, 2008 at 11:37 am #

    I’ve totally been practicing my ass shaking in preparation for your wedding reception. I’ve decked out my mp3 player with ass-kicking tunes. I’ve even been watching myself dance in the mirror to attempt to NOT look like an idiot while dancing. No dice.

    Tell your mom and brother-in-law that they have vibes being sent to them from across the country.

    I’ve been really cold in the morning/middle of the night when I have to take Abby out and it’s in the upper 50s. My grandpa told me about the impending chill of doom coming tonight. My blood is going to freeze. I’ll just put out an all points bulletin right now. If you see a popsicle wandering around the Metro St. Louis area between 11/5 and 12/1, please be advised to whip out your space heater and direct the heat toward said popsicle. The popsicle will be me.

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