Please Please Please…

5 Nov

Let Obama win the election!

I’ve been glued to the results on for awhile now. He really has to win. I want to look forward to my life in American, not four more years of same old lies and trash.

Voting was a really cool experience today. The line was insanely long at 6:40 in the morning and I waited about an hour before we got in the door. I’m glad it wasn’t ass cold outside. It was a beautiful day today, 78 degrees. Let’s hope that weather holds out!

There was a lady in front of me with a giant McCain button on. Jim apparently said that no one was supposed to wear any election memoribila… The button was pretty ridiculous – it had John McCain’s head on Superman. Jen, you should be appalled by this. 😉 She was carrying an entire cup of coffee with her too, keeping it in her purse when she wasn’t pouring it into her ceramic mug. I took a picture of her, but it’s on my camera phone.

There was a lady in line passing out donuts and the guy in front of me, I’ll call him Business Man, got jelly from the donut all over his chin. Old Man in front of Business Man told him about his jelly mishap about thirty minutes later, after they had a long discussion about bullhorns on the elementary school playground. I got a good chuckle from the thought of Business Man’s jelly chin. I never saw the jelly chin myself, just the back of his graying head, but the picture in my mind was probably golden.

Pot of Coffee started talking about one of the propositions, the big tax one that I never really understood, and she asked Business Man if he understood this (after the jelly mishap). He told her that he didn’t talk about election issues in line and that he didn’t find it appropriate. I applaud this man for his class, but I think maybe he was also embarassed and mad that the Old Man nor Pot of Coffee didn’t tell him about the jelly sooner. Perhaps…

To celebrate election day, we had a frozen pizza and beer. Oh so good. Except when I was coming back from the grocery store with many more groceries than frozen pizza, I fell down in front of our door after tripping on the sidewalk. I twisted my foot. It pissed me off because I dropped my million grocery bags and my purse. There’s something about falling that just makes me feel so foolish. Nonetheless, my foot is doing better and so hopefully there won’t be any damage. I just wanted to document.

We’re preparing to go down and watch the John Stewart, Stephen Colbert election coverage. I’m hugely excited. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about an election before. Fingers crossed…


One Response to “Please Please Please…”

  1. Jen Wellenkamp November 5, 2008 at 9:47 am #

    Rock on Molly! I feel the same way when I fall. I totally wiped out on some ice in front of Bill the first year we dated. Crap all over me. But, it’s cool because he fell UP the stairs while we were in a museum in LA.

    You’re so right about the crazy woman. Lord know what Bill and I would do if I were in your place. We might have taken her hostage and tied her up to a tree. Hahaha

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