For those who like to poo, we salute you.

13 Dec

I know a few of my friends on here were talking about how to regulate their digestive systems in a better way. I believe there are two ways of doing this. One is to keep a food/poo diary. Keep track of what you intake and how it comes out. More and more, I’m seeing the value of this. Jim always says that if you eat something, you should probably have to go to the bathroom a few minutes afterwards and I’m starting to believe him. Once you put something in, your body should make room for things to exit. I know a few people whose bodies function like this and they’re naturally thin and they’re all men. I just simply think women’s bodies metabolize differently.

Another tip I’d like to offer is Activia! While I was stranded at my parent’s house the other weekend, my father was sweet enough to have the fridge stocked with Activia to regulate my stomach (since I’d had such terrible issues before the wedding, thanks colitus). The Activia really does work. Dad got me the fat free kind, and, I have to admit that I’m a yogurt snob, but the strawberry was really good. I didn’t even mind the little pieces of strawberry in it. And it had definitely helped my stomach out a lot. It gets the Molly stamp of approval. *Stamp*

So, all you people conscious of your digestive issues, I hope this helps!



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