Oh Gallbladder, where art thou?

21 Dec

So, yeah, I think I’m having gallbladder issues now. My stomach has never been perfect since the whole bacterial infection thing around the wedding, but it has been much better.  A couple days ago, I was having some really crazy gallbladder symptons (i.e. the worst heartburn I’ve ever had, so bad it was in my back between my shoulder pains and as the day progressed, a terrible soreness in my right side under my rib cage). The next day, I felt fine, but today, I’m feeling little pain again.

So, I have to find the guts to call the doctor about this now! I’m so tired of not being normal!

I’m scared of what tests I’ll have to go through to figure out what is going on with me. I did some online reseach and apparently, some infections can mess with your gallbladder so perhaps that is what happened. My symptoms are not at all the same as they were when I had my bacterial infection.

I am such an old lady!

In other news, I stayed home and cleaned a few things and I have somehow reclaimed our living room. I reclaimed our living room by hiding some items that I know we don’t have room for behind the couch. Thank good for that little corner. Our storage closet is full of wedding vases.

I did somehow also manage to get rid of one of my TVs at my office’s white elephant gift exchange. It was a 13 inch TV with a VCR included that eats tapes. My compliance manager got stuck with it. Everyone thought it was a funny gift since the whole digital switch is happening later on this month and it doesn’t matter to me if my manager just takes it to the dumpster. So now we have a little more space in the linen closet for storage.

Soon, we’ll also be auctioning off my twin bed so Jim and I can get an actual desk for ME in the office. Jim has commondeered my desk, so I’m looking forward to having a space to work. That will probably take a couple weeks at least, though.

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I can’t be with my mom on Christmas. She starts her radiation therapy on Christmas Eve, so we are going to celebrate Christmas on Tuesday night as soon as Jim and I get off work. So, that’s strange. I’m not exactly sure what is going on, but I was a little depressed today because Christmas was messed up and because I don’t want to be sick anymore. Poor Jim. He was confused about why I was so upset. I feel like I’m letting him down and I told him that and he told me that wasn’t true at all.

I’m going to have to change my diet – a lot. I’m keeping a really detailed food and digestion journal in prep for when I see my doctor. I read that a lot of gallbladder problems are just food and medicine allergies. So, maybe if that is the case, I can keep track of what is making me sick. From what I can tell, it’s mostly fatty or fried foods – and lettuce.

The strange thing is that I don’t at all crave chocolate or sweets like usual. In fact, I have makings for chocolate chip cookies up in the cabinet, and they’ve been there over a week and I really have no desire to gorge on them. Sweet things don’t taste the same to me that they did. Which is crazy. I guess my body is just pissed off at all the bad things I’ve put in it for so many years. Sigh.


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