2 Jan

So, I’m still sick. I am so tired of being sick, I can’t stand it. I have no energy to do anything. No energy to clean my house. No energy to pick up the phone. Yesterday I had a fever of 101 and I couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch all day.

This makes me sad. I feel lke I’m wasting my life being sick. I don’t understand why this keeps happening to me and I’m scared there may be something seriously wrong. I feel like a bad wife and a bad friend. There’s so much that I want to do but I can’t because I’m limited by my body. I know that this is what my last few blogs have been about, but I’m scared and this is where I can let it out.

In other news, my mom had her cancer scan and found out yesterday that she does not have any other cancer anywhere in her body. The doctor has given her the greenlight to start thyroid medication so she can get some of her energy back.

I also have a yeast infection, and I got it on New Years, so I have had that for two days without relief and I have a gyno appt today. I’m not sure whether to alert my other doctor of this or not. It exhausts me to try to explain all that I’m feeling.


One Response to “Tired”

  1. jenthesweetbuns January 3, 2009 at 5:03 am #

    I’m so sorry to hear this Molly. I know it’s tiring,but it happens to the best of us. Start taking vitamins, chicken noodle soup, and healthy juices. Rest as much as you can. Happy New Year Dear Friend!!

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