Magazines Post Matrimony

3 Jan

While waiting for my prescription yesterday at Walgreens, I wandered into the magazine/book aisle. I was looking for a cheap paperback copy of Marly and Me (yes, I realize that’s just asking for a cryfest, but I’d like to see the book before the movie). I didn’t see the book, so I moved on to the magazines.

It was then that I noticed something – A few months ago, I would have looked at the wedding mags, but now, I don’t need to do that anymore! It was strange… it was one of the first times that I’ve felt “married.” I know that sounds dumb, but it’s really hard to get used to. Especially since I haven’t done the name change yet (I just got my certified copy of my marriage license back the day before Christmas).

So, I was faced with the question of what magazines does a newly-married woman look at? In the fourty-five minutes of waiting, I looked through an entire Martha Stewart and Real Simple. I really enjoyed them both, but somehow felt a little more grown up than I am. My sister subscribes me to Self, which I really enjoy. One of our wedding guests has promised us a subscription to National Geographic (which I’m really excited about).

I just thought this was an interesting and unexpected rite of passage.


One Response to “Magazines Post Matrimony”

  1. Jess January 3, 2009 at 10:42 pm #

    Nest Magazine- because you are newly married and building your nest. Or you can behold the glorious website which I love reading recipes off even though I am not married or engaged.
    I love you. Im sending you my good vibes and healthy faeries.

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