‘Cause It’s Ladies’ Night

10 Jan

Last night, I went out with Andrea to an art gallery opening on the Loop at the Regional Arts Commission. There was some really amazing work going on there. This one girl printed her photos on homemade paper. How cool is that? I was totally impressed. It made both Andrea and I yearn for more creativity in our lives. That’s definitely something I should work on.

After we made it through the crowds, we hot-footed it to the King and I for Sasha’s surprise birthday party and some wonderful Thai food. We both had the Pad Thai, which I had never sampled before but really liked a lot. I don’t think it’s ever a dish I could make on my own because there are so many different ingredients that go into it. The flavor is hard to describe, but it tasted sweet, spicy, and really fresh all at the same time. We got to mingle with some of Sasha’s friends and that was cool too.

Afterwards, Andrea and I embarked on a journey to get to “Double D’s,” a small, hole-in-the-wall karaoke bar that Sasha really likes. Andrea and I were in deep conversation on the way there so we got turned around a couple times. That always seems to happen when we’re together! However, we finally found it after having to turn around a couple more times. If your place is named such a stellar name as “Double D’s” then you would expect there to be a big sign announcing it, but no. There’s just a big Bud Light sign over the door. After parking we walking up to the door and the dude says, “Sorry, we’re at capacity.” We’re like, WTF, the rest of our group is in there already! The guy said a so-called group of 30 people had the back room reserved and they couldn’t allow anymore people in. Finally, after standing in the cold and after we threatened to go somewhere else, the guy let us in. It was a good time and I’d love to go there again. It’s definitely a fun little dive bar. The beer was pretty cheap too. I’d love to get a little drunk and sing karaoke up there.

So, it was good to go out and get some exposure again! It was  a well-rounded evening and really good to talk to Andrea again like old times.

That said, I’m totally looking foward to Ladies Night tonight and I hope that Marla can come too!


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