The Art of Cobbler

18 Feb

 Never did I think it would be so difficult to make a good blueberry cobbler.

I received a recipe for a shower gift from my aunt – a very basic cobbler recipe that is good for any fruit. I was going to make this particular cobbler on Saturday for Jim. I had reviewed the recipe and thought that I had all the ingredients for it (I believe there are only four ingredients). However, I realized I didn’t have baking powder. What’s a girl to do?

I called my mom, of course. She said to go ahead and try it without baking powder, that it may end up working anyway.

One hour and a mushy, sweet concoction later, it was a blueberry cobbler, but a very flat one. What a difference a quarter of a Teaspoon of baking powder can do to make things r i s e. The other flaw with this recipe was, my aunt, for some reason, did not tell me how long it should go in the oven.  So I took it out compulsively every five minutes trying to figure out if it was done (the fruit was completely on top and I couldn’t see if the crust was getting golden brown or anything).

Monday I decided to try again. I found a new recipe online, wrote down the specifics, went to three grocery stores to get the ingredients right. I made this particular one with fresh blackberries. The fruit for this recipe went on the bottom. The crust was layered on the top. This one was easy to make and very easy to tell when it was done. It was luscious and sweet. Topped with vanilla ice cream, my blood sugar skyrocketed, but my tongue was very content.

Today, while we were eating at lunch, Jim, very shyly, asked me if I would try the other recipe again for his birthday. I asked him for feedback regarding the second cobbler I made and he said that it was more sugary and cakey and didn’t let the fruit shine. I seriously never thought that putting together a cobbler would be so very difficult. It’s not Jim’s fault, I just don’t really know what I was doing. I could really tell he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

Perhaps this stems from the fact that I’ve never had a cobbler before, so I don’t exactly know how “grandma cobbler” should be. If only I would have been more adventurous in my tastes when I was a kid. Apparently my grandma made a mean cobbler.

So, in the next couple weeks, I’m going to do another practice round. This time with blueberries. Anyone want to be my guinea pigs?


One Response to “The Art of Cobbler”

  1. citysidewalk February 18, 2009 at 10:05 pm #

    If you need help or even just someone to stand there and use this! Your food network obsessed friend will be there:)

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