An Unwelcome Return

22 Feb

So, Thursday I started noticing the stomach sensitivity and symptoms I was exhibiting last October-December. This was distressing. A) I thought I’d beat it. B) It means I have to figure out what is causing it.

I immediately started thinking I probably have an allergy to something that I was eating last week. Last weekend, Jim and I went to Trader Joe’s (love it) and we found this wonderful, sweet “Challah” bread. [Side note: At first I was confused as to the pronunciation of this bread, but then I remembered back to a Sex and the City episode with Charlotte cooking food for the Sabbath. She yells out, “We have to braid the “Challah” and Carrie says,  “All right, all right, you don’t have to holla” (which rhymes with Challah). This is another way that Sex and the City makes me street smarter.]

Anyway, the Challah bread was really good! And big. And we ate the whole thing between three suppers (bread as supplement). We also had white (not wheat) pasta. So, I was wondering if I had a reaction to the gluten found in bread products? Gluten allergies are pretty serious and if I had that, it would account for my unexplained 30 pound weight loss. (Those who have gluten allergies have them because gluten destroys the villi in the small intestine – the stuff that absorbs food – which can lead to unexplained frequent movements and weight loss).

The weight loss is really what puzzles me. That, coupled with bad heartburn when I’m hungry. Yes, I did change my diet, but I have not worked out since last fall. I really don’t think I could lose thirty pounds just from cutting out some breads, chocolates, and fats. I know how my body is and how it loses weight and it’s never happened that easily before.

So I started thinking about if I’m getting diabetes? Hyperthyroidism? Probably not. I don’t have real reactions to sugar and I don’t really exhibit many other hyperthyroid symptoms.

I really then searched my mind to think of what else I’d been doing differently in the past week. Then I thought of something else. I’ve been chewing alot of Trident White gum. I bought it when I last went to the grocery store – I hadn’t bought it for awhile. I feel like it helps me keep focused and keeps me from wandering down to Mike’s candy jar. I remember I was also chewing it a lot last fall. This is weird, but I remember having a conversation with Jacob a long time ago about the sugar alcohols used in Trident and how they can lead to what he, in his own blatant way, called “the shits.”

So, this morning I got online and did some research. I found that four ingredients in this gum actually can contribute or lead to gastrointestinal distress. Along with aspartame, which can do some really fucked-up things to your body. Friends, try not to consume this horrible ingredient that can cause behavioral changes and can lead to cancer.

So, starting Saturday, I didn’t chew any gum and by the afternoon, I was feeling better. Today, I feel pretty good as well, but that’s probably because I spent a good chunk of the day sleeping and I slept through most of the night with a two-our M*A*S*H break this morning and it was back to sleep until 8:30.

So, I’m doing my own experiment and continuing to eat normally now. I have a doc’s appointment tomorrow and I’m sure he’ll take blood and we’ll see if anything shows up.

I hoping the gum is all I have to cut out of my diet. If it’s bread, then God help me!


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