Kicking the old lady to the curb

3 Mar

The top CEOs of the corporate world never cease to amaze me, let me just say that.

I caught this news story at another blog that I sometimes browse. It was about Liz Smith’s last column. Smith is an 86-year-old gossip columnist who has been in the business for most of her life. She’s written for the New York Post for 14 years (and other New York papers for 33 years). She was just recently fired from her position by her editor, whom she has met once in the time he has worked there (eight years). He apparently wrote her a polite letter to fire her. She appealed with her friend Rupert Murdoch, whom said that he didn’t have the power to save her job since the paper was in such bad financial shape. Such BS.

Liz Smith, in interviews, seems to be taken her new career status like a lady. I must say, she brings class to gossip reporting. She now writes for the weekend Parade paper as well as Variety and she does special projects specially for a website called Good for her for taking this so well and not badmouthing Murdoch in the process. Perhaps it’s out of respect, but it’s most likely because she knows he controls most publication venues out there.

I bid Ms. Smith good luck and I hope that her readers follow her away from the Post and to her other venues.


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