That Saturday Morning Feeling

7 Mar

Why, hello Spring.

I’ve forgotten what the feeling on my face was, waking up with the windows open. It’s not sweat on my face, but I think it must resemble how dew gathers on grass. Just that wettish moist feeling on my face in the morning. I don’t mind it terribly. There’s something about the fresh air that makes me feel so good.

I actually didn’t sleep last night – unless you count falling asleep around 8 and waking up a little before 2. I guess that’s almost six hours, so I slept, just not at the conventional hours. When Jim woke me up and we went to bed, my mind was awake, but not necessarily in a bad way. I was ready to crack open the book I’ve been reading. So, I guess I read about 5 hours this morning, until I felt my eyes moving, but that I wasn’t soaking in any information. The pity is, I’m only a little more than halfway through the book (it’s 600+ pages).

Reading about these people’s lives, I feel grateful for my own. The luxury of being able to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Of waking up next to the one I love and having family and friends within a short-drive’s reach.

Sometimes, though, on Saturdays when I wake up early, I feel all this potential energy. Like, I should shave my legs, I should organize the bills, I have laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. I still want to pull out some recipes for my go-to recipe book. All the potential of the day to do any number of these things. It’s a good feeling, but one that makes me glad that we don’t own a house yet. Chances are I’d be waking up at 7 on a Saturday morning and I’d be the neighborhood  d-bag mowing my lawn, gaining a sense of accomplishment, while others are still at rest.


One Response to “That Saturday Morning Feeling”

  1. Andrea March 8, 2009 at 1:50 am #

    Ha! “Chances are I’d be waking up at 7 on a Saturday morning and I’d be the neighborhood d-bag mowing my lawn….” I love it. No, not as long as you do not have a dog named Rudy…I think you will be okay! 😉

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