The Painting Report

1 Apr

I’ve been doing a little artwork lately and quite enjoying it. My high school art teacher, who was inspiring in many ways, told our painting class that there were no mistakes in art. That every stroke of the brush was meant to happen if you were painting what you saw.

That’s the hardest thing to do, to really draw or paint what you see. We did these exercises called “contour drawings” where you would take a paintbrush dipped in India ink and you would draw the person in front of you. You couldn’t look at the paper. You couldn’t lift up your brush. One continual line, so as not to lose the shape of the person in front of you.

While describing this, I realize that writing is much the same way. For me at least. If I take my eyes off a project or concentrate on something else, I sort of lose my focus on the subject at hand. That’s why I’m better at shorter media, I guess. I have a character in my head and that I’ve been writing about sporadically but she’s been the only character that I’ve been able to come back to in my thinking. I think it takes some practice to be able to do a long-term project without it suffering.

But I digress, so far, I’ve painted a few small drawings of Hawkeye from M*A*S*H. I’m inspired by his swoopy, longish hair. I think it’s hot. I’m cursed to think that longer hair is sexy for life. So far, my drawings haven’t exactly turned out like their inspiration. One of my drawings looks like a transvestite, which I think is really funny and makes me like the painting even more. I’m not sure why he looks so girlish, but he does. In one of the others that I’ve done, Hawkeye looks like Mr. Rogers, which really makes me laugh. Mr. Rogers with strange lips.

Following in Mrs. Burns’ advice, I was somehow meant to draw Mr. Rogers and a transvestite last night. Because it’s more interesting that way. Mistakes make life interesting.


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