Alphabet Soup

9 Apr

A – Age: 24, though I actually thought I was 25 already because Jim is 25 – we’re becoming the same person.
B – Bed Size: Queen sized – just perfect for us. Highly recommend the pillowtop. 
C – Chore You Hate: Cleaning the toliet or bathtub.
D – Dad’s Name: Nicholas
E – Essential Start Your Day Item: Banana!!
F – Favorite TV Show: The Golden Girls
G – Gold or Silver: Silver seems to go with more.
H – Height: 5’3″
I – Instruments You Play(ed): Unfortunately, I didn’t play any instruments. I tried guitar for awhile, but I wasn’t very good. Maybe Jim can teach me sometime.
J – Job Title: Thankfully, it’s writer/editor.
K – Kid(s): None yet, in a few years maybe.
L – Living Arrangement: Our two level townhouse fits us nicely – saving for a house!
M – Mom’s Name: Rita.
N – Nicknames: Mol, Mimi, Meow-Meow, Molliot
O – Overnight Hospital Stays Other Than Birth: I slept over at the hospital a couple nights when my dad had his heartattack. 
P – Pet Peeve: Lateness, people who don’t have the same standards as me, those who don’t use their blinker.
Q – Quotes You Like: There’s alot on my facebook.
R – Right or Left-Handed: Right.
S – Siblings: An older sister.
T – Time You Wake Up: 6:40 AM
U – Ultimate Dessert: Doozles Lite M and M concrete.
V – Vegetable You Dislike: Zucchini, in certain forms. Onions as well, in certain forms.
X – X-rays You’ve Had: N/A
Y – Yummy Food You Make: Cobblers, pastas, all sorts of desserts, roast and potatoes and carrots.
Z – Zoo Animal: Prarie Dogs were the most entertaining to me the last time.


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