14 Apr

Today the guy from work that Jim and I always talk about revealed something that surprised me in the most roundabout way. He stopped me at my office and said that he had an idea for a comic strip. I stood there for awhile watching him draw, then realized it was going to take forever, and went to hand some work off to Jim, and then came back.

First scene: He’d drawn himself, sitting at his desk. I was sitting across from him. His conversation balloon said something like, “But I really want to…” and my conversation balloon said, “He hates you!”

Second scene: He drew himself sitting alone at his desk with coffee. He drew a thought balloon that said, “But he’s my best friend.”

I just looked at it with raised eyebrows and wide eyes, not quite knowing what he was trying to tell me. He told me this was his only public interaction that he got. Then he asked me if I knew who the best friend was and I said yes – Jim.

I never realized before, and I’m not sure why, that he saw Jim as his best friend. That makes me really sad because Jim hasn’t been talking to him hardly at all lately. It’s getting better now.

It makes me sad because he’s limited by his depression and stubborness to find new friends. He’s on but he won’t talk to any women, he wants them to talk to him first.

You know what else surprised me? Jim wasn’t surprised that he was thought of as his best friend.


2 Responses to “BFF”

  1. JESS April 14, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    it makes one wonder what the definition of bff is ?

  2. JESS April 14, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    p.s. that was a prompt and motivation for another blog!

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