Brownies – brought to you by black beans

28 Apr

The other day, my coworker tried out a brownie recipe where you make brownies a special way. You take a simple box brownie mix  and add blended black beans instead of eggs and oil. This increases the fiber and adds good fat instead of bad fat. I was able to sample these brownies and let me say, they were pretty fab. I even gave Jim one and it passed for a normal brownie until I told him what it really was. He said he would eat them again, but that he couldn’t eat them like he normally ate brownies due to the bean ingredient. I love my husband. Always thinking.


One Response to “Brownies – brought to you by black beans”

  1. .stephanie April 28, 2009 at 9:05 am #

    A co-worker of mine brought cake for the office last week. It looks liked your standard yellow cake with chocolate icing. However, he had been telling us for weeks that he was going to be bringing his “famous” cake. He didn’t use oil, he used Bailey’s and Kahlua. I wouldn’t suggest the recipe.

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