Magical arms

28 Apr

The other day at work after a meeting, there were about five of us standing in our doorways, trying to making our arms levitate on their own accord. I had never heard of this before, and therefore, everyone had to try it to show me, and then I had to try it myself. Have you ever heard of this?

You stand in a doorway and push with both hands on the opposing sides of the door. Your right hand pushes the right side, the left pushes left. You push on the door as hard as a you can for a whole minute. Upon stepping out of the doorway, your arms just sort of raise themselves up and it’s a strange feeling. One of my other coworkers did this by just leaning on the side of the doorway really hard, which makes your arm go to sleep and you can get the same effect.

It was just so funny to me that we were amused by this for about ten minutes.


One Response to “Magical arms”

  1. braincandle April 28, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    I did that growing up! Another cool thing you can do with your arms is lay face down on the floor, and have someone hold your arms above your head high enough that your torso is off of the ground. After about a minute, close your eyes and have them slowly lower your arms. You’ll feel like you’re going through the floor.

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