On Graduation

6 May

Graduation is one of the weirdest feelings in the world. I feel like it was one of those hurry up and wait things. And I’d worked so hard and then one day, I don’t have class and then the next day my whole family is drinking free drinks in the hotel with my grandma and aunt Irene stirring their sodas, and the next day, I’m graduating. God, I’m so glad that my grandma was there to give us dismissive looks and then chuckles at our free alcoholic beverages. I’m so lucky to have had that memory with her. If she couldn’t be at my wedding, she was there to see me do something that few in our family have carried out.

School is no longer there to hide behind or be a comfort or a hassle with our lives. It’s time to build on the 16+ years of education that we have. It still makes my mind spin a little. I had to think of this yesterday when I was filling out graduation cards to my younger cousins, and I was saying that college would probably be the craziest, most confusing, fun time of their life and to enjoy every moment before the real word. I truly feel that way. I never really felt alone in college and I think that’s pretty amazing. For some reason, I felt alone after and before. I guess because that is the transition time.

It’ll get better, and the wheels will set in motion, and your roots will stretch and grow.


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