The state of normalcy

27 May

So, the nurse did call at 5 – she said, “Your blood says you’re normal.”

I was like, “Then why do I still feel weird?”

She said she’d call tomorrow again after talking to the doctors.

I was upset – is this my new normal? I’m not writing this to draw pity, but it’s a headline of the day. Maybe I should just chill the f out and stop worrying – maybe I should see a doctor for my head instead of my body.

I’m relieved, but I still feel like my body may be trying to tell me something. 

In other news, I made a terrific lasagna for dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I also am breaking into this new book called “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” which discusses the origins of four different meals that the author has – from an organic source, food he hunts and gathers himself, and food from industrial agriculture (aka, processed food). I’m interested to learn more about the foodd I’ve spent my life consuming. One of the themes he also discusses is how we almost never know the origins of our food. We can’t see the cow that gave us the milk, and the place where we got our fruit is probably thousands of miles away. It helps to explain the disconnect between food as nutrient (past) and food as filler (present).

Outside, there were two boys on the tennis court. One was tall and pudgy, the other short and thin. One moment they were hugging each other. The next they walked aimlessly. Then  they took off their t-shirts and traded them and wore each others. Fat man in a little shirt. Then they traded again. I have no idea what possessed them to do this, but it entertained us. Jim and I stopped gawking as soon as we realized that if we can see them, they can see us.

The world is an interesting place.


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