Cross-country book club

28 May

The rain sounds so nice outside. There’s something about the sound of real thunder – it’s not very well simulated on those ambient musical tracks. Neither is crackling fire, but I digress.

My sister and I have been swapping books through the mail and it’s really fun. I recommend it. She refuses to keep any of her books, besides a select few Wally Lambs, I believe, and so she send them to me. I read them, because she has good taste and then we discuss them. It’s our impromtu cross-country book club, but I really love it. I hope she knows how much I wish I could go and see her and her beautiful state.

It’s funny that it started raining when we got home because Jim’s car is dead and we were going to go test the battery, but who wants to go stand in the rain? Haha. It’s forced us to relax. Jim’s playing Wii chess with “hot” anime girls. I’m checking on my friend headlines. We think his battery is just dead, but we were going to follow Dad Ebel’s advice and go check the charge with the voltmeter to make sure it’s not a spark plug or alternator.

I felt pretty good today – I think my body is getting used to eating a lot of smaller meals and healthy snacks. I think any other symptoms that I’m experiencing are either allergy related (mold is really crazy here right now) and my eyes are having trouble focusing sometimes, so that’s probably just related to how much strain they go through day after day.

I hope you’re having a good day!


2 Responses to “Cross-country book club”

  1. Meagan May 28, 2009 at 6:50 am #

    I like our little book club too. Hope nothing is seriously wrong with Jimbo’s car.

  2. braincandle May 28, 2009 at 8:39 am #

    Hopefully just a dead battery–glad you didn’t decide to mess with electrical stuff in the rain! bad idea! Unfortunately I think most of the storms missed us. Oh and tell Jim I’m sorry we didn’t hang out last weekend, we changed plans at the last minute and Marla and I are going to go to Virginia together this coming week.

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