Fried Pickles

29 May

Fried Pickles are really salty, just FYI. They are pretty good, just one or two, but man. I had fried pickles tonight at O’Leary’s, John Goodman’s bar here in SoCo. A few people I work with went out to celebrate someone leaving the office, rather, to congratulate her for graduating and getting a “real” job. She was a contractor at our office. She’s worked with me since I’ve been on full time, so it will be weird without her, but I’m glad that she’s moving up the world of marketing.

I got to see my friend Jamie tonight, which was really good. The last time I saw her things were sort of awkward and things were better tonight. She always has the most interesting stories to tell and she makes things really engaging. That’s probably why Jim and I didn’t leave the bar until a few minutes before ten. Though Jim, my perpetual homebody husband, was ready to go home about an hour before that.

It was nice to be out and about again – I hadn’t done a happy hour in awhile.

Someone called me a “professional writer” today and that made sort of feel like sun rays were eminating from my skin. I’d never really thought of myself that way before. It was a definite confidence boost to get through the large amount of twists and turns my team faced today.

I really like feeling like a team with Jim. Last night, we fixed his car battery and I held the flashlight and guided him on which wrenches to use. We discussed the metric system vs. standard measure system while he worked on putting the new battery in. The rain fell on us at one point, but we continued to work. Sorry Keith. Luckily I had some gardening gloves and Jim wore those so as protect himself from the connection of the rainwater to any sparks that were flying out of the battery… I also felt like a team with him at work today. Jim’s extremely good at investigating issues and we definitely solved a few today. I love watching him in action, the serious look in his face. The persistance he has. I really enjoy working with him like that.


One Response to “Fried Pickles”

  1. Meagan May 29, 2009 at 8:49 pm #

    I have had them once, that is probably enough 🙂

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