2 Jun

Something strange happened today.

I’m at work trying to finish a project and my phone rings and it’s my doctor’s office. They had been calling me last week and we’d been playing phone tag because there were a lot of meetings last week. I thought it was strange that they called my work phone.

I answered and the nurse goes, “Hi, I heard that you had some questions?”

Me: “Actually, I just was returning your phone calls and was just wondering if I should have anymore tests or anything for the symptoms I was having?”

Nurse: “Yes, I wanted to let you know that we can put you on Celexa for your anxiety.”

Me: “Um… can you explain that?”

Nurse: “This will help with your anxiety.” [She also mentioned checking me for a UTI, but I know I don’t have one of those so I’ll leave that out.]

Me: “I’m actually doing okay with my hypoglycemia symptoms. Eating smaller meals more often has helped me. As for any anxiety I may have exuded, I think that was just because it was a stressful work week. I’ll call you if I notice anything else out of the ordinary.”

Nurse: “So you don’t want this prescription?”

Me: “No. Goodbye.”

As I was talking to this lady on the phone, I was googling the medication that she told me about. This isn’t just some easy anxiety med. It’s for depression and social panic disorder. Online it said, “only occassionally used to treat anxiety.” When in the world did I ever give that off to them? My symptoms were dizzyness, weakness, fatigue, and weight loss. The NP asked me if “everything was okay at home” and I mentioned that it was hard because there was some transistions at work and the husband and I were saving for a house so we were being pretty conservative. I told her that it was just a sign of the times for there to be stress.

I was astonished at how this medication was handed to me like candy. Depression and depression meds are SERIOUS stuff. Why would they do that over the phone? I was/am just in disbelief at how they handled this. I would have thought if they even suspected me for depression that they would have me come in and ask questions about my general mental state, if I ever felt suicidal, etc, panic attacks, etc. If, after some sort of checklist or further conversation pointed to depression, then shouldn’t they recommend counseling first?!!?!?!? Must everything be solved with a pill?

Isn’t there supposed to be some dialogue here? It seemed like they just wanted to shut me up and put me off on some cloud.

I know that I can get anxious sometimes, but I feel like I manage it pretty well. My anxiety was much, much worse in elementary and middle school. I do not feel hopeless or depressed. I have a wonderful life. Isn’t it normal, when something comes up in your health, to be a little anxious about finding out what is going on?!??!?!??!!

I just had to get that out.


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