Way to Go

30 Jun

Here’s a whole pile of randomness for you:

I just caught sight that some people are surmising that Michael Jackson has faked his own death. Seriously, is he going to be the next Elvis (in terms of death lore)?

 I’ve painted three pictures in two days and I’m really excited to be doing that again. I’ve been experimenting with layering color and masking technique. I’ll try to get some pictures up here. It just feels good to be creating something for ME again!

They’re painting our office at work and literally 1/3 of our hallways is a neonish-celery color. It’s got people all a-buzz. Other colors to be included are brown and orange! This should be interesting…

Tomorrow I was supposed to work from home because they’ll be painting my office (eggshell) but it seems the painting staff is two days behind. So, it looks like I’ll be going in tomorrow. Late, however, because I have yet another doctor’s appointment. My left ear is throbbing so it looks like I may have my very first ear infection. Oh boy!

Billy Mays has passed and I’m seriously more upset about this than any other celebrity deaths that I’ve heard about in awhile. I am just somehow won over by the yelling. Charmed by his reality show. I think that he brought Marla and I together in some strange way as well. We’d both be asleep in the living and his infomericial would come on and wake us up. Those were the days.

My parents fuflilled one of their life dreams by going to the Grand Canyon this week. They sound more refreshed than the have in a long time. I’m so proud of them for finally taking a trip for themselves!!! Yesterday they went and found a Navajo reservation and had conversations with some of the people there – that just sounds so cool. Mom said she was impressed by how beautiful their hair and skin is. She said she had fun just talking about their experiences and the land. (Monument valley). Way to go, Parents!

Today someone at work called me fashionable.  This coming from a man whose laptop bag matched his shirt today. Needless to say I was beaming sunrays.

Tomorrow I’m having dinner with Andrea and Sasha – I’ll be making a yummy spinach salad. Leafy greens get me all excited.

And this has been your daily dose of Molly’s life randomness.


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