3 Jul

Inspired_by_99_Red_Balloons-myu3lo-.jpg image by darinandrea1

My intestines have been on the blitz for the past few days. Pretty bad this time. I think they’re in recovery mode today, but I’m so full of gas (for no real reason) I could blow up 99 red balloons.

Thankfully, I  took the first appt available with a GI doc on the 13th. My sister is going to drive up and go with me. I’m probably going to take a half day and hang out with her afterwards. I’ve missed her these last few months and it’s really nice of her to accompany me since I’ll probably have to get blood drawn again.

To add insult to injury, it was also confirmed this week that I have a UTI. This UTI was different than my other one and so I didn’t realize what it was until I’d been having symptoms for like two weeks. This one affects my bladder, not my urethra. Therefore, I don’t feel like I’m peeing lava (like my last one) but I just felt this weird cramp every time I’d have to pee. I’m on meds and feeling a little better slowly.

I’m sorry dear readers, you probably know more about my body than you ever wanted to know, but this is where I write what’s on my mind and when my body is behaving strangely, it’s going to be on my mind.

Today, Jim and I were talking about websites. I wonder how YouTube makes money. I don’t remember there being a lot of ads on that site. Sites like MySpace and Facebook have ads, but how do websites make money. Take, Toothpaste for Dinner for instance – besides T-shirts, how can they afford to do that? Any insight is welcome.

Wouldn’t be great to think of “the next big thing.” First came MySpace, then Facebook, then Twitter. What’s next?

I was very intrigued when Jim said, “This is something I think about everyday.”


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