Our Day Off

4 Jul

Days off are full of decisions and possibility.

We had a really nice day today. We discovered “Cake Boss” on TLC and watched a mini-marathon this morning. I love laying in bed watching TV with Jim and giggling during commercials.

I did some shopping and stocked up on groceries, paint, birthday gifts for July, and other necessities. That took many hours and four locations!

We cleaned out the fridge and both of us mentally thought a homemade pizza sounded good and I made that. Pepperoni, finely-sliced green pepper, fresh mushrooms, newman’s roasted onion and garlic sauce, a good spread of cheese and voila! Yums for the tums. We watched Roman Holiday during/after our pizza.

I tickled Jim’s feet while he talked to his stepmom. We have four options for the 4th, possibly five, and we have no idea which one to do because anything we do we’re disappointing someone. Or, at least, that’s the way my sensitive brain sees it. Holidays are difficult like that. I know my parents in particular are really excited about seeing us, but I don’t feel like making that trip again when we did it last weekend. Our cousins are meeting up about 30 minutes away from us and that’s looking like the best option – probably because the night will end with fireworks and possible boardgames, which we love. Right now, that’s looking like the best option for us.


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