Battle of White Pants

10 Jul

I wore my fab white pants today that Marla got me. I like how I actually can keep these pants up and don’t require a belt!

I wore the pants for exactly 31/2 hours before I sat down at my desk chair and my ink pen, (which I fanatically always have in my hand at work) fell down and put a huge line of black ink down the side of them.

I made it through drinking cranberry juice for a snack and peanut butter and jelly for lunch without calamity.

Suppertime, I covered myself with a blanket while I ate some homemade mosticholi. I somehow got a little marinara in the worst place possible. Yes, the crotch shot.

Later on this evening, while sharing our ice cream, dropped a piece of melted chocolate on them. When I went to get it off, I smeared an even larger smudge on my leg.

I’m just glad I bought bleach! I just have to call my mom to figure out how to use it!


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