Double Case of the Giggles

30 Jul

I’m about ready to fall into bed, but before I do I wanted to write about a meeting we had today.

We are having some meetings at work and they are, to put it lightly, hellaciously boring. I’m typically not ever bored at work, but these meetings are an exception. There were about 15 others in the meeting room and I got a case of the giggles because one of the individuals fell asleep and kept doing what I like to call “the head-nod,” where you nod your head up and down, trying not to sleep, but sleeping nonetheless. One of the speakers noticed this person, and was like, “Isn’t that right, Josephine” and she was like, “Oh, yes, definitely.”

Other people across the room were tee-heeing, but I’m not sure if it was because of this or because of the content of the meeting.

It would have been an excellent office moment to be able to capture everyone’s faces at that meeting. One of my friends had his head down on the desk for an extended period of time when one of the speakers decided to do a refresher from last week’s meeting which lasted half of this meeting. I made out my grocery list and worked on a poem for a friend’s wedding during this part, but I did put on my listening ears (not sure where that 3rd grade phrase came from) when they went over new information.

Another funny thing happened today. There’s this guy with an office next to Jim. When I was in a cube, I was right by his office. This particular person can go days without talking to anyone at the office, or really without saying anything (he is sort of the only man in his role at our location). Sometimes stuff goes wrong to make him mad and he’ll spout off this really hilarious stream of cuss words. I heard him do it a few times when I was in my cube and I’d have to slap both hands across my mouth to keep from laughing. It’s just funny that these are the only words you’ll hear uttered by this person in a week’s time. Today Jim sent me a message that said he heard “Piece of shit God damn” and that was it. I just get a big kick out of this. This individual is very sweet and he reminds me of my father and I especially get joy out of his random phrases.


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