Product Description – J. Peterman

24 Oct

I am working on product descriptions for my Etsy store right now and for inspiration I remembered Seinfeld’s episodes about J. Peterman. How I love the product descriptions from the J. Peterman catalog!

For example:

“Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.”

 -Tom Stoppard

It was the 20’s in America.

The Great War had just ended.

The image of women, with hair piled on heads, standing immobile on the tennis court, waving a racket, just didn’t cut it any more.

Exit the Gibson Girl.

Enter the new woman: rebellious, out there, living life on her own terms.

And if you had Zelda Sayre’s money (flush with the success of Scott’s This Side of Paradise, and impending marriage to him) you might have found this beauty.

If you knew where to look.

Flapper Dress (No. 2610). Feels like a whisper in silky crinkly georgette. Which could be the only thing about it that whispers. A remarkable confection of sheer silk, clear and black beads and rhinestones that catch the light and never lets it go.

Hem dips in the back. Picot edging gives it an airy feel with no visible stitched edges. Everything is made for easy movement. A rare combination of let it all hang out fun with sophistication that you’ll wear through the holiday season.

Or anytime anyone thinks they have you pegged.

Women’s sizes: 2 through 16. Imported.

Color: Black.

Love it! Can you imagine the dress? If you want to see it, click here.


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