It’s Sunday Morning

25 Oct

And my husband is working on his programming homework – otherwise known as looking at YouTube videos of WoW recordings.

Things are going good here. We actually had to work some overtime yesterday at work, but it’s good because that extra money will come in handy. Five months until we’ll need to have our down payment ready for our house. I’m so ready!

I had the most amazing dream this morning that I found a stray dog at my parents house. She was the cutest – sort of a Welsh Corgie type, but a little taller.The dream was just us walking her around out in the yard, playing in the sun, rolling in the grass. At the end of it, I remember kissing her little muzzle, which is something I’d never do in real life, but I was just so happy.

I’m so ready to have a pet and to start that chapter of our lives. Until then, I’m going to clean up the house and continue working on my little projects for my Etsy store. So far, so good. I should be ready to release the news of it soon, I just want to have more stuff in it before I do.


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