New Moon Brings Out Hormones in Women

21 Nov

Besides being at a Hanson concert, I’ve never been in such a hormonal obsessed room of people as I was last night at New Moon! This excludes the ladies from work that I went with, who are lovely and fun.

We stood in line for almost 2 hours I would say, and people were just nuts. This one girl talked about how she had seen the movie Twilight over 60 times and that she was “obsessed.” One poor man behind me in the snack line just wanted a pretzel (and was denied). Another woman had stood in line for her daughter for over four hours at the midnight showing. People were getting in heated verbal arguments about letting people butt in line. Thank goodness the theater opened when it did – when we finally were making our way from the line to the theater, two teenage girls butted in front of part of my group and I felt like taking them down! It guess it brought out some adrenaline or hormones in me too!

At the end of the movie, there’s a bit of a cliffhanger, and people started screaming and I half expected people to be jumping out of their chairs crying and gnashing their teeth. Every time someone strutted in slow motion or removed their shirt (which, for Jacob, was 90% of the movie) there were ooohs and awwws and a few orgasmic groans.

The one person whom I wish had these sorts of reactions during the movie? Bella herself! I find Kristen Stewart really cold and unfeeling during the movie, and the parts where she was screaming in bed were really jarring and strange because most of the time it’s like staring at a paper doll with a raised eyebrow who has barely any reaction. Seriously Kristen, you’re not a vampire yet. I can understand that in times of indecision and heartache we are moved to silence and stillness, but when someone breaks up with you, you need to cry and scream and beg, not just stand there. You need to fight. I think that’s why I find her and Edward’s relationship totally unconvincing at times. I feel like the passion created by Meyer in the books between Jacob and Bella is much more intense, which makes me dislike Bella even more because she consistently finds new ways to break his heart and then tell him she loves him and then break his heart over and over.

I guess I just can’t relate to Bella’s style of loving for this reason.

I read a movie review today that had a really great quote that I wanted to share too: “She may like washboard abs, but not as much as men the same color as the washboard.” For the full review, go here.

I also find it really interesting too what teenage girls latch onto – I think almost every girl has an obsession at some point. I’m not sure why and I’d like to study the psychology of that. I was so in love with Taylor Hanson that I wrote over 1,000 pages of fiction about how much I loved him and what our lives would be like together. Thinking of them with other girls was actually painful to my body. I don’t understand the vulnerability of that. Was I just open and MMMBop the first video I saw and was hooked? Was it just because I wanted to feel love? I’m not sure. It was just nice to dream, I guess. I’m just reminded of that time when I saw the girls in their T-shirts jumping up and down and declaring their love for Edward or Jacob.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this one girl’s facebook status:

Unless you are under age 17, you need to not be perving over Taylor Lautner (that werewolf kid from New Moon). JAILBAIT. Not to mention if you’re over age 20 and think he is just the hottest thing ever, you need help. I am sad for you. 😦

Seriously? Why do you have to be hatin’? Why are people so divided on Edward vs. Jacob, Movie vs. Book, Twight vs. Twilight Sucks? It’s like a metaphor of our times! Democrat vs. Republican… Why are we so divided? Why can’t something so beautiful, like Taylor Lautner’s body, bring people together? Abs have the power to move mountains.


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