31 Dec

I’m reading a book by Anne Rice about the life of Christ. It’s fiction, but it has been really interesting to think of Jesus as a human. I think so much he is portrayed as a baby who had all the knowledge of the world upon birth. She doesn’t portray him this way – his biggest secret, his destiny, has been kept from him by his parents because they don’t really think it’s fair to tell him when he’s only 7 years old.

There’s a particular scene that has brought me comfort and awakening. Jesus is asking his uncle, who is the most talky member of his family, about why the angels visited his mom before he was born. His uncle says, “I can’t tell you, Joseph will kill me.” So, Jesus says, “Why doesn’t Joseph tell me?” His uncle looks at him and says, “You can’t explain what you don’t understand. Has it ever occurred to you that Joseph doesn’t understand either?” Jesus shakes his head. “The thing with Joseph is – he doesn’t have to understand. He doesn’t have to understand because he has full faith in God.”

Now, there’s a great definition of faith.

One of the things I struggle with is a feeling of frustration – that I don’t know exactly why things are the way they are sometimes. For instance, why do people get sick? Why do some people have certain struggles and others don’t? This passage helps me with that.


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