Hopes for the New Year

1 Jan

I went back and read some of my old blog entries from last year around this time. With how sick I was feeling last December, I didn’t even mention the New Year one time. We’d just returned from Wisconsin and I had a raging yeast infection and I was still dealing with torrent that Yaz took on my body.

2009 has been good to me – I’ve been very blessed. I spent the majority of the year feeling good! Especially this summer, fall, and winter. I worked hard, we saved a lot of money, we built our marriage with a strong foundation, we maintained and made new friends and kept close with family.

In 2010, I hope I/we:

  1. Find a home to call our own that is cost-effective and charming. I really want to be able to have gatherings – like Halloween and New Years celebrations at our new place.
  2. Travel more – we want to take an east coast trip
  3. See my friends more!
  4. See family more – If we can’t do 3 and 4, at least maintain good communication and work on our Ebel website “Ebelpedia”
  5. Can have a one-on-one dinner with Grandma Shirley
  6. Keep writing – for myself too
  7. Keep singing and making music with Jim
  8. De-clutter my house and dis-associate memories from objects
  9. Gain a little weight – and get stronger muscles
  10. Take vitamins each day
  11. Watch more Alfred Hitchcock movies – I’m watching Rear Window right now and it’s stunning
  12. Eat safer meat. I want to watch Food Inc and read Jonathan Safron Foer’s “Eating Animals” – I don’t want to remove meat from my diet all together, but I want to make better choices about where I get it.
  13. Take more risks – loosen up.
  14. Look into becoming Catholic – I’ve been thinking about this for the past few months. It’s very important to me to be the same religion as my future children, and to be united with them in that. I also like a lot of things about Catholicism so far. Of course, there are downsides, but they have a good view of women and cultures, and I like the tradition and the ritual. I like learning about the saints and learning about their examples of humility and faith.
  15. Develop an organized system for paying bills – this year I’ve been doing it very willy nilly.

Fifteen is probably enough. 🙂

Here’s a raised glass for a wonderful new year – a year sure to be filled with ups and downs, but hopefully more ups than downs!!


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