Betty White

24 Jan

I am watching the SAG awards and they just gave a Lifetime Achievement award to Betty White. She is still so fabulous and is still working her ass off even though she’s 88 years old.

She walked up to the podium and thanked everyone “from the bottom off my heart and from the bottom of my bottom.” How hilarious. Then she went on to explain how she’d been working for almost 70 years, and how she felt so blessed to be surrounded by so much talent, and “I’ve worked with so many of you, and I’ve also had a couple of you too. You know who you are.”

What an inspiration. She also talked about how she felt sorry for people who didn’t have passion in their life. She said she had two – acting and animals. She inspires me to cultivate more passion in my life, to embrace dreams, and to work harder at my true vocation.


One Response to “Betty White”

  1. Meagan January 24, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Gotta love some B-White….she is still golden.

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