How Many?

28 Feb

There have been a lot of news stories lately about celebrities and near-celebrities who have committed suicide due to depression and mental illness. I think it is ridiculous the amount of people who deny that mental illness exists and feels that it is just people looking for attention.

Mental afflictions affect families, marriages, and loved ones much in the same way a family member battles heart disease. However, I feel that mental illness is even more haunting than some diseases because you live with it forever. There is no day where it just goes away. It’s not as easy as diabetes where you just need to stop eating sugar. Or heart problems, where you just have to exercise and change your diet. The treatments change, it waxes and wanes, and every day you wake up wondering how you’re going to feel.

How many people have to die before people take this issue seriously and rally around their loved ones? The stigma has always been to put the crazies away, like a mis-matched sock without a mate, until it truly falls to pieces, then is no more.


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