Operation House: Gas Stink and Toothbrush

4 Apr

Happy Easter, little bunnies! Today we may journey to Mastadon Park to hang out with some relatives on my dad’s side, and then up north to my cousin’s house for Easter dinner!

Yesterday was the first day at our house – it was overwhelming. It may have been a “too many cooks in the kitchen” sort of problem. My father and mom were there, Jim’s parents were there, then his brother in law, who is a contractor showed up. Therefore, they all had ideas about what we should do to our kitchen. We have a rough plan, but can’t really touch anything until we get the occupancy permit – hopefully, we can get that on Monday.

When I walked in the door yesterday, we were immediately greeted by the smell of gas. The previous time we were in the house, we smelled gas downstairs (since gas is heavier, it sinks) so I was really freaked out that we smelled it this time again, up in the air. That meant that there was more of it. Therefore, I called the gas people, and they sent a very fashion-forward technician out (he was wearing the cutest newsboy hat).

While he was here, the rest of my family arrived and semi-organized chaos ensued. I ran around after Ethan, our nephew, who decided it was really fun to run in circles through the house and through the backyard. If I did not do this with him, he was like, “you going to race me? You going to race me? I thought you were going to race me!” He is a cork, but a good one. Therefore, I raced him while my dad proceeded to tear a huge wall into my downstairs bathroom ceiling, filling our sinkless cabinet with insulation, dust, and drywall pieces.

It was necessary to tear that giant hole, because whatever dumbass finished that part of the basement drywalled right over the downstairs gas valve that was hella old and leaking everywhere. The gas man kept running the line and could not figure out why it was leaking, and it turns out it was the covered old valve. Thankfully, fashionista gas man did not charge us because there was something wrong, and dad was there to do the dirty work. So, for awhile, I’ll have a f-ed up basement ceiling… it sounds like they may have to tear holes throughout the nice basement ceiling the length of the basement. We shall see.

Carol and I did some landscaping and she helped me to discover all the plants that were growing in my front yard. I have monkeygrass, hastas, plum tree, barberry bushes, and a short maple which she trimmed to look bonzai-like. Somehow our hastas are growing simply in the gravel, I have no idea how, so I need to buy some mulch and take care of those. We have an old tree stump, which just had some weeds growing around it, that I’d like to plant some wildflowers around. I had better green-up this thumb ladies, because there are a lot of growth opportunities here. I don’t know how it comes so second-nature to Carol, but I guess that’s because she’s been gardening for like, twenty years.

We met our neighbor, Bob, who has at least 2 young sons who are teen-age, and there was a little girl at his house who was probably about 4. She was wearing a pink dress and green rubber boots and was riding her trike around. She was adorable. She was staring at me as I was pulling weeds and she was like, “Whatcha doin?”

“Pulling weeds,” I said, “What’s your name?”


“My name’s Molly! I’m going to be your neighbor.”  It felt good to say.

My dad fixed the locks on one of our door, which took a long time because our door was sort of a strange dimension. I now have a janitorial-amount of keys on my key ring. Jim mowed the grass, and also worked with his dad to repair our fence. This only took them like, five minutes, but we actually have a door to the backyard fence, so random people can’t walk through there and dump their trash in our creek bed, like they have been doing. Yesterday, I found a toothbrush and three tennis balls. The tennis balls were no doubt from dog fetching, but I’d really like to know who lost their toothbrush!


One Response to “Operation House: Gas Stink and Toothbrush”

  1. Meagan April 5, 2010 at 9:35 am #

    It will all come together…granted, it may take three months like us but it will all come together. No one said home ownership was easy. The trick is to make it look easy 🙂

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