Planting Seeds

6 Apr

Jim had to have a cholesterol check today – because we’re at “that age” now. That’s pretty depressing.

Yesterday, we spent time at the new house working on things that we could do. There’s a large number of things that we cannot do by ourselves. Such as, restructure the cabinets, add a new front door, frame, and jamb, install a broken window in our basement.

Jim worked the majority of the day on plumbing issues and somehow our p-trap still leaks. We will be going to the hardware store today for some sealant stuff to help out this problem. I will post pictures a little later of his progress.

I planted flowers around a tree stump and also re-potted all of my plants with wildflower seed. However, I knocked over the wildflower seed box and God knows all the places in our yard that will have wildflowers! Whoops! 🙂

We are also going to work on cleaning the deck today and sealing parts of it – I have three hours until I have to go to work – let’s see how much we can get done!


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