Cracker Barrel F-ing Rocks

18 Apr

Yesterday was an adventure.

We have a list of things we have to do before we get our occupancy permit. Bolded items were things that needed to be purchased.

1. Have a working full bathroom on the main floor. To do this, we have to install a shower head and a spout (for whatever reason the faucet is already there). To install these items, we have to install our tub surround. Seal tub surround with caulk.

2. Ground, or switch our all electrical outlets on the main floor. There are 16 of these. For those, we need (16) 2-prong faceplates and an electrician, which thankfully Jim’s dad is. Most of these will be switched out, but I need a couple left as 3-prong because we have power strips for our TV and computers.

3. Install interior doors on 2 out of our 3 bathrooms.

4. Install a handrail going down to the basement.(Check)

5. Install smoke detectors in all the bedrooms and hallways. (Purchased 5 detectors-check)

6. Repair a strange hole in our drywall in one of the bedrooms with drywall and joint compound.

7. Add 6 T-plates to the bottom of our deck with galvanized roofing nails.

We went to Lowes in search of these things. We were one of those people lugging one of those huge blue carts behind us. The tub surround was about the most awkwardly-sized box I’ve ever seen. Consequently, since the weather was beautiful this weekend, people were out in Lowes in droves. I will say that the customer service we received from each department was fantastic and I could usually find someone when I needed help.

After a couple hours, Jim and I got to a point of being ready to check out. We were going to pay for these purchases three different ways, so I was trying to figure out which item went with each transaction and Jim decided to grab a BBQ grill, in another department.

After about 15 minutes I paid for everything I had, but Jim was nowhere to be found, so as I was telling the cashier to go ahead and check out other people and not wait, I hear “THIS IS A CUSTOMER PAGE FOR MOLLY…PLEASE COME TO THE -” and I could not hear where it told me to go. I thought Jim had lost me and I had no idea why he would ever have me paged unless something went really wrong. As I was asking two cashiers if they heard where I was supposed to go, I checked my phone. I had two missed calls from Jen and nothing from Jim, which confused me! So, I called Jim and he said that Jen was in the store and had me paged. 🙂 Which made me laugh really hard.

Jen and I finally found each other in Aisle 10, the lighting aisle. It was so good to see her! We caught up on her purchases while Jim bought our new grill and some propane. We went outside and with Jen’s help, we got the cart lugged out there and Jim was going to pull the van around. We were in Jim’s dad’s pimp Astro Van that doesn’t have backseats. It’s pretty awesome, but has been known to have its share of problems.

Jen and I see Jim walking back to us with a smile on his face after about 15 minutes. The car won’t start. The Lowes guys tell us that there’s a hauling truck that we can rent for $20 dollars for 75 minutes, and we tell them that we’ll think about it. Jim calls his dad, who comes to try to fix the fan. Jen waits like a good sport for awhile and then goes home to catch up on her teacher stuff. I hang out and sit on our cart for awhile until Jim’s dad gets the car up to where I am. And we determine the tub surround doesn’t fit.

With this, we decide to rent the truck. Luckily, there had been a guy that had been hanging out with us for a time, and he escorted me in the store. There were THREE people trying to rent the truck at the same time and this guy, I think his name was Brion, was like, “This girl was first!” The lady then said that she’d need my license, insurance, and payment. And, I didn’t have my insurance card with me.

So, I had to go out to get Jim, who didn’t have his insurance card either.

So, I got Jim’s dad who did!

We got all of the vehicles back home, unloaded our stuff. Jim’s dad took the Lowesmobile back and drove the crazy van all the way back to NoCo somehow (he just couldn’t stop at stop signs otherwise the damn thing would die). Jim and I installed all of the detectors, fixed some lunch (by that time it was almost 3) and I stained 10 baseboards on the deck, which doesn’t sound like much, but took awhile.

We came back home showered, and then determined that we would use the Cracker Barrel giftcard Jim’s mom gave us for his birthday. How did I forget how awesome Cracker Barrel was? I got these huge fluffy biscuits and gravy and sausage for only 3.99. Jim got the Country Boy Breakfast which was three eggs, steak, two biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, grits, and candy apples for only 8.99. We were in delight that we didn’t have to cook the food ourselves and it was delicious. And we had terrific service there too, and even with a big tip we didn’t use the entire card amount. Yay!

It was a nice way to cap off a crazy day!

P.S. I later found out that my dad has trouble at a home improvement store yesterday. He literally said the F word to people there.

Our family will probably soon be banned from home improvement stores.


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