Moved to Stillness

14 May

Has your mind ever been so noisy that you feel that you can’t do anything? Oh yes.

I was moved to stay on the couch and watch Iron Chef: Blue Cheese. Wtf. I’m missing My Fair Lazy for this.

I did go to the lady doctor for my annual visit today and that was a success – everything is going well in that department. This, to me, is a big accomplishment.

I’m over deadline at work.

A huge number of my family is coming to help at our house this weekend. This is our last heavy renovation weekend before move-in. I am very lucky. I have to buy my sister Hot Damn to get through it.

On Saturday morning, I will be trying to sell everything I don’t want at a yard sale. So far, I have five giant boxes full of items. Please let people want my crap.

I accidentally found out who America’s Next Top Model was – I saw all the episodes but the final one.

How do we dirty so many dishes? Last night at Sasha’s, she wouldn’t go to bed until they’d finished all the dishes. That was inspiring. Perhaps I’ll try that.


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