Susie Homemaker

26 May

Well, 99.8% of everything is in our house. However, if I had a nickel for how many times I’ve uttered the phrase “Where is the ______?” then I could buy another house.

Most of our items are in the basement. Some are in the spare bedroom. Some in the pantry. Some in the office. Some in the 3rd bedroom. I’ve been wearing one pair of shoes for the past three days, which typically doesn’t happen. I like to switch it up.

At our apartment remains a pair of my dad’s gloves, a box of trash bags, two trash cans, a roll of paper towels, and a crap ton of objects I thought were lost but were just hidden underneath our couch. This week I need to figure out a time to clean our apartment. However, we’re a one-car family because I can’t get my key to work in my ignition, or any other key for that matter. I need to call a dealership to figure this out.

I worked from home this morning and was able to snatch a few sneak peeks at a robin outside. She has three baby birds in her nest and I got to watch one of them walk out for the first time. That mother robin has been working her tail feathers off finding food for them. The babies are just standing there all day with an open mouths just waiting for her to come back. It was so interesting – they were flapping their wings but yet not able to get their food. Little adolescent birds.


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