Where is?

28 May

I seriously spent thirty minutes looking for a pair or scissors.

We’ve spent a total of four hours this week cleaning our apartment. Here’s the things we still need to do there:

– Clean the drip pans in the electric stove (I will NEVER have an electric stove ever, with all hope)
– Wipe down the inside of the oven
– Clean out the refrigerator, wipe down with a cloth
– Spackle all nail holes
– Magic Erase scuffs on walls
– Wash patio door window
– Clean toilet and countertop in upstairs bathroom
– Sweep and mop kitchen floor
– Dust and mop laundry closet floor
– Vacuum the stairs
– Vaccuum the office, bedroom, and finish the living room vacuuming
– Pack up the cleaning supplies, trash, and the remainder of belongings

Jim says he is going to do all of this tomorrow after lunch when he takes a half day. I don’t know if he can get it all done – I’d like to take a half day to help, but I can’t because there’s too much work to do at work.

Jim’s Aunt will be coming to see our new house, and it’s not exactly the way I’d like it to be for her to see it, but there’s not much else I can do.

FYI, I’ve never found the scissors.


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