The Train

30 May

I feel like I’m on a train, and all these things are happening and they’re like billboards and small towns blowing by so quickly and I don’t have time to register their names or what they have to offer.

Experiencing so much change at one time is having a strange effect on me. Usually change makes me cry, but I have not been able to sit down and actually cry because I am always thinking of something to do, someplace to go, or something that needs to get completed. I have not been able to allow myself the time to be invested in myself, in my relaxation.

The problem with being the passenger on my own train of life is that I am doing all these things, but I’m not really here. I am just a big shell of myself when I’m with people. Simply a brain inside a speeding train.


One Response to “The Train”

  1. Jess June 3, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    My train is backwards

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