Murphy’s Law

2 Aug

Just call me Molly F-ing Murphy.

1. Attempted to peel blue tape of a million places in the bathroom. Desperately intent on finishing that project tonight. However, peeling the tape off actually peeled the damn paint off like a freaking plastic coating… needless to say, the job is not done. More touch-ups are necessary. We still need to cut the peeled off places with an X-acto knife.

2. I have the cutest shower curtain in the world ready and I don’t know where my rings are. This means I still need to search through about 16 boxes to find them before shower curtain can be viewed in it’s grandier.

3. Our new electrical outlets are notoriously tough to stick sockets in and to pull them out. I was trying to pull the fan socket out and literally was using all of my body weight, rocking back and forth, when I pulled the entire faceplate and box out with my force. And yes, the socket was still stuck. When I did this, we discovered a red colored pencil shoved back behind the wall. WTF?

4. Peg just literally put her butthole on my computer and started licking it… her hole that is.

5. … she just licked my face.


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