Welcome to the Machine

17 Aug

Worked 8 to 8. Dog won’t stop whining. Been out three times. Husband drank a beer and fell asleep. I have morning duty, NOT night duty. That is not fair.  I just want to check things on my laptop. Why won’t you stop whining? Peg, I know there’s a lot more crap in our living room and I apologize but I’m doing my best here. You have a million toys. We played with you and walked with you when we came home. Please work with me. If I want to read some fucking poetry then I should be able to read some poetry! Please, please let me relax. I have to work in 10 hours!

I already feel like a machine and it’s only Monday. I cannot wait for our vacation in November. I don’t know where the frick we’re going, but I’m ready.


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