Too Young For Divorce

22 Nov

A couple that I went to high school with is now getting a divorce. I think they may have been married 3 years? Though they’ve been together for a lot longer than that. I was never close-close with these people, but I was friends with a group of guys that the husband was a part of. It’s sad, but I’m all about people making choices in order to find happiness.

The guy has always been a nice, decent person as far as I’m concerned. He has skills in magic. When he and this girl first got together, there was a rumor going around that when they attempted sex, he put his penis in her bellybutton. But I think that was just a vicious rumor from jealous friends…

Then the female in the relationship had some issues with my friend’s brother who was her ex, and she allegedly stole my friends purse on belongings within that purse to exact revenge.

It’s just strange to see people going through a divorce when they are my age. It’s such a grown-up word. And we’re still so young.


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