After Two Mikes

23 Feb

I just spent my Tuesday evening with Watkins. We spend most Tuesday nights together – and it’s seriously the highlight of my whole day. I love talking with her and being able to tell her everything that is bugging me. Every annoyance, everything without judgment. I’m really proud of our friendship because we’ve grown a lot. We’re a lot different than from where we have started. We’ve evolved. We can be a lot more honest with each other and ask each other for feedback, though, I’m sure we both sugarcoat it a little because both of us are not good with confrontation. She helps me to make smart decisions, she helps me to understand myself.

One of the wise decisions that we made tonight was to watch the R&B music channel, where you can text in. Some of the texts were hilarious. “Maisin just broke the window!” “Me and my sister we get gucci.” WTF does that mean?

I’m very, very lucky to have had the college experience. My husband did not get that and does not have the “pack” that I have. I have many people I can depend on to follow up with me throughout this life. I’m so glad I took the jump and moved to St. Louis. I’m so glad I moved outside my comfort zone. I’m so glad I made my parents worry. If I had not moved to St. Louis, I would not have anything I have today – my friends, my husband, my home, my pup.



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