Quote of the Day

13 May

There’s a guy at my work that sends out a Quote of the Day to everyone’s inbox. He’s done it since he started here. Sometimes, there can be some real gems – others I delete (when they are longer than three lines).

I really like the one that he posted today:

” Your problem is never really your problem. Your reaction to your problem is your problem.”


Here comes the rain again

26 Apr

This video is so f-ing weird.

The Pooper Picker Upper

23 Apr

Number of times that I have picked up poo with a plastic shopping bag: 4

Number of times my fingers became covered in poop upon said pick-up: 4

Let Adults be Children

22 Apr

When I was younger, I used to look forward to Easter. Oh, the candy. The Cadbury eggs. The Easter egg hunts. The whole rabbit thing used to freak me out a bit – perhaps I’d read Bunnicula one too many times times because I always imagined the Easter Bunny as having soft white fur, but these giant red eyes. Also, the idea of a rabbit being stealthy was also a little weird. Despite that, I still ate his candy. And I still found his eggs.

It was the start of Spring – the time where I would make mud soup in my mom’s garden, spending so much time outside. It was a time of freedom, and safety with my mom.

Now that I’m adult, I look forward to Easter too. Since I’m Catholic by association, I look foward to the end of the Lenten season in order to do whatever it was that I gave up. In this case, it’s alcohol. There have been several trying situations when I’ve really had to think about my motives. Many times, when I drink, it’s just to get away from thinking about something, but most of the time, it’s just to have a few extra laughs with friends. Therefore, I look forward to knocking a few back after Easter. Or, maybe, on Easter, what are the rules around that?

I think that our lives as adults would be considerably happier if we were just allowed to do one child-like thing a day. Something that would bring you back to a time of comfort and solace. I noticed, when I picked up a 4-pack of Cadbury Eggs at Target, I felt this profound sense of gladness coupled with sadness. I was my own Easter Bunny. Where is the magic in that?

I feel sorry that children have to grow up and stop believing in those magical things.

Instead, we have to believe in belief systems, and socialized rules, and we have to believe in corporate messaging. Instead of Tic-Tac-Toe, it’s Cee-Eee-Ohs. There is no magic in a corporate environment, instead, most times, I feel like a robot zombie who has no control over their own destiny.

I miss magic. I miss my family. I miss having hope in my career. I’m still a child at heart – afraid of getting lost, afraid of the dark.


18 Apr

Hi Bloggy Friends:

I apologize for not being a better blog friend. I always check my friends blogs each day and have not been returning the favor.

This weekend I:

* Went to Pi for Andrea’s birthday supper

* Called the Pi manager a douche to his face

* Broke my Lenten promise to not drink alcohol, but I only had half a cup

* Updated my resume

* Cleaned the majority of the house (only to find it dirty again today)

* Took two small naps, both with Peg

* Made homemade salad dressing

* Went to the Earth Day festival at Forest Park with Jen and Jess

* Found a dogwood and another free bush

* Found out that midget strippers actually exist

* Thought about volunteer opportunities for said resume

* Watched several episodes of the Golden Girls, my ultimate comfort.

If I were a fairy princess

26 Mar

Here’s what I would look like!

You can make your own here.

Guilt free list

25 Mar

I just realized that I needed to add another individual to my guilt-free list.

Demetri Martin, comedian












T.J. Oshie, of the St. Louis Blues










David Backes, of the St. Louis Blues







Taylor Hanson (without facial hair), musician